My Work

My YouTube Channel

Most of my film projects can be found on my YouTube Channel. This is where I post vlogs, films, reviews and much more. Some videos I just made for fun, some for class, and some just to have memories of vacation or holidays. Feel free to browse around there, watch a few and let me know what you think.

Hotel Horror Short Film

‘Hotel Horror’ os an example of a short film that I’ve made that I’m proud of. In this film a girl gets a concerning knock at the door and text message. I really enjoyed making this film because (besides my camera) I only used things found in the hotel room to set up my shots (I forgot my tripod). Take a look here.

Foam Pit Party Recap Video

Another video I’m super proud of is this one. I made this with Patty Caldera for Drake Broadcasting System during Drake Relays week. It was a super fun video to film and edit, and I overall just had a really good experience with this one. I’m super proud of the colors, the music and how everything turned out.

48-Hour Film Fest

I have participated in the DBS 48 Hour Film Fest 2 times now. In the 48 hour film fest, you are given a line of dialogue and a prop or genre for your video and you have 48 hours to make a 2-5 minute film. I first created “Marty’s Big Macs” with the help of Zoe Sadauskis, and then “My Doll and Me” with Erica Sawyer. Both won the award of popular vote for having the most engagement on social media. These videos were super fun and challenging and really pushed me as a video creator.

Social Media Posts

I create a lot of posts for social media, from videos to photos, I do pretty much everything. Here are a couple I’ve really enjoyed making.


I have worked as an Athletic Broadcasting Assistant for Drake University for 2 years now. I help film the athletic games and events. It’s a fun job and I have gained lots of experience in the field.