The Differences of Cameras

There are so many cameras out on the market today, action, DSLR, mirrorless, polaroid, etc. How do you decipher which one to use and for what? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because this article is going to give you the quick and dirty comparisons fr some of the most popular cameras for content creation and give you my recommendations.

The Canon Rebel T7i

The rebel series of canon camera’s are possibly the most popular. They are pretty user friendly and a great first, more professional looking camera. If you’re looking to level up your game, this camera might be for you.


  • You can easily change out the lenses and to use different focal ranges
  • The canon app lets you connect to your camera to download your content right onto your phone
  • Easy beginner camera
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Easy to attach microphones
  • Autofocus


  • If you don’t understand camera settings(like ISO, f-stops, shutter speed etc), you’re going to be confused
  • Lenses can get heavy
  • Can get expensive (I would recommend getting the camera 2nd hand to save some money)
  • Takes more time to set up shot due to the nature of the camera
  • Battery life is good, but if you’re using this camera all day you’ll need another one because it will die

The Go Pro Line

GoPro is an action camera line built to be lightweight and can be used for extreme sports, point-of-view editing etc. Like canon, GoPro has their own app and editing software.


  • Lightweight and easy to fit in purses
  • Super easy to use (none of those professional settings)
  • Hypersmooth stabilization
  • A cheaper option depending on which camera you buy


  • The attachments are expensive directly form GoPro
  • The battery has a tendency to overheat especially in hotter conditions
  • Built-in microphone is not the best quality
  • Older models especially run slower sometimes

Overall, I have had a lot of issues with my GoPro but would recommend giving it a try if you’re thinking about travel vlogging, or making sports content. I would also recommend looking into other action camera’s as well.

The iPhone

Is your iPhone the best camera? It could be.


  • Easily accessible, it’s always on you
  • Easily adjust your camera settings to record at the resolution and frame rate you want
  • Many different phone attachments like tripods, lights that are pretty cheap


  • Tends to not look as professional
  • I personally don’t really like the colors the camera produces
  • May have low storage on your phone

In conclusion, it’s hard to know which camera is the best for you so here’s my advice. Research, research, research. Go into a camera shop and ask them about different cameras. Some shops will let you test out cameras and bring them back if you don’t like them. It’s important to know when to invest and when to stick with what works. All things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a new camera.