About Nicole Cox

Hello, my name is Nicole Cox! I love videography, photography, audio, and all things social media. I’m a student at Drake University and I’m double majoring in Digital Media Production and Multimedia Journalism.

What I Do Videography/Photography:


Video is my number one passion. I have loved creating since I was a little kid and would make silly videos with my cousin. It sparks creativity in me and motivates me everyday to try something new. Videography has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to express myself creatively. I still have so much to learn but I am ready and willing to make mistakes and be open minded about the process.


Photography is another medium I like to explore and create with. I do photography for fun, I am no expert by any means but I love exploring with different kinds of photography. From light paintings, to action shots, to macro, I am up for the challenge.


Audio is a recent passion of mine. I took an audio class at Drake University and originally thought I was not going to like it. This class however, sparked my imagination and I really enjoyed producing audio stories as well as podcasts and doing some sound design. I have applied this to my videos to make them more dynamic. I love everything you can do with audio and am considering starting my own podcast.

YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel , titled Nicole Cox, is one of my greatest ongoing accomplishments. It’s how I work on my videography / photography skills. When I first started, I uploaded 3 times a week. Since then, I have more complex styles of editing and better video techniques so I’m trying to upload every Monday. Some of my favorite videos on my channel are my ‘Game Day Vlogs’ which I take the viewer through my volleyball games and tournaments in high school. I want to push myself in my videos to continue to get better and better every week.

Drake Broadcasting System

Drake Broadcasting System (or DBS) is a student-run media production group on the Drake University campus. I am the entertainment director for DBS which means I run the Tik Tok account and make videos that fall under the entertainment category for our live shows. I have gotten to do my own radio show, direct a live broadcast, make short films and so much more since joining DBS. This group of people has really pushed me to be my best and we’ve all connected as a family by now.


I have had a couple different internships in videography. My first one was with the College of Health and Sciences at Drake University. I made a series of testimonials about the research projects students were taking part in.

My next internship is through the college of Communications and Marketing. I have video projects about once a month and am currently working on a dorm tour video for prospective students.